Let me introduce myself. I’m Jenny and I love food. Buying it. Cooking it. Eating it. You name it. If there’s food involved, I’m there. The only problem is that eating certain foods can cause me to go into anaphylactic shock.

I’m allergic to the majority of the most common food allergens with a couple of random ones thrown in there for good measure: dairy, eggs, nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, banana, kiwi, melon and avocado. Rather than developing food allergies throughout my life as many people do, it has always been a part of my life.

Despite this, I had a fantastic childhood growing up in rural Scotland. My food allergies never stopped me from doing anything I wanted to do, from going on school trips and going to birthday parties when I was younger to following a busy training schedule (you will come to know that I do A LOT of running), travelling to races and training camps abroad, and leaving home to go to university more recently.

Things have drastically improved since the days when my mum had to pre-order soya milk from our local health food shop and my idea of an exciting pudding was a satsuma. Nowadays, you only have to browse the aisles of your local supermarket to see that food allergies are being taken far more seriously. Nevertheless, living with food allergies still presents every day challenges to the people who suffer from them.

I was inspired to write this blog because I love to eat out but the idea of stepping into the unknown and visiting a restaurant I know nothing about is a little scary. The night could be a roaring success but at the other end of the spectrum it could end up with me morphing into the elephant man and throwing up all over myself. There are countless blogs and books and websites and magazines reviewing places to eat but none appear to exist for people with food allergies in Scotland. And if that’s what I want to see, surely I’m not the only one?

Once the seed had been sown, the ideas came flooding in. Restaurant and cafe reviews, product reviews, allergy-friendly recipes, advice on all things allergy related for fellow allergy sufferers… world domination? So, that’s what this blog will be. Minus the world domination. For now.

Happy reading and, more importantly, HAPPY EATING!

5 thoughts on “About

  1. It is soooo nice to find a blog like this! I suffer from a severe peanut/nut allergy and, although I haven’t encountered too many nasty problems in the past, I live in HUGE fear of eating out! Check out my blog – I’m recording my (hopefully) nut free trip to Peru and the Amazon rainforest!!

  2. Great to read your blog! My daughter (10) has similar allergies to you: egg, dairy, nuts, sesame, kiwi, melon, celery. She even reacts badly to traces, and carries her epipens with her everywhere. It’s great to hear your positive stories about eating out and we will definitely give Zizzi’s a try! Keep writing…

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